Monday, August 17, 2009

Week 4

So today is my 4 weeks post-op. Justly, I had to run to the scale and check how many pounds down I am... I am proud to announce that I have lost 21 pounds in those 4 weeks, and 32 pounds total!

So for food updates.

Pureed land... it sucks.
Mashed potatoes and refried beans only take you soooo far.

I did find that I fell in love with a little something I like to call lasagna paste.
1/4c Ricotta Cheese
1/4c Italian herb tomato sauce
Pinch of mozzarella cheese...

Nuke it and ta-da! Lasagna paste.

I am finally now on to soft foods. I found that my belly enjoys over easy eggs much more than scrambled!!! I also have a bit of a love for salsa at the moment.

Otherwise the biggest news yet is that I'm down a size as well.

Today I picked up a pair of 22 jeans, and they fit first time. No too big in the hips and fine at the waist... of vice versa. It was just lovely. Not sure I can wear them long... but today. I'm in love.

Also want to throw another thanks to my Steven. My poor guy has been dealing with my bitch fest all week... He's a trooper. I love him.

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