Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Amazing Shake!!!!

Okay... so I was looking through my cook book looking for something nice to take to a potluck next week.

What I came across was something called Protein Power. I modified the recipe a little and it was AMAZING!

1 1/2c Ice
1 1/2c Light Soy Milk
2 tbs Sugar Free Hot Cocoa Mix
1 tbs Dry Milk
2 tsp Banana Cream Sugar Free Instant Pudding
2 tbs Smart Balance Peanut Butter (Mine has a yellow cap and 2g sugar per 2 tbs)

Mixed it all up in a blender and it came out kinda like a thick shake... chocolate peanut buttery goodness!!!

Had to share!!! soooooo good!

Took my 4oz, and stuff the rest in a insulated mug in the freezer to take to class tonight.

Hell, I bet it would even freeze and turn out like some semi-ice cream, for those who are feaning for some?

Hope you all enjoy!!!

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