Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

So, for the first time in my life the other day, the smell of french fries and chicken strips nearly made me vomit. Not that I was eating them of course, but they were in the same room that I was.

So here are the things I've come to love in my one week post-gastric bypass.

1. Crystal Light Natural Lemonade.... Perfect with crushed ice!!!

2. Dannon Light & Fit 4 oz yogurts. Perfect portion wise!!!
Low Sugar, Okay Carbs
BEWARE: Has fruit pieces. Eat around them or strain your yogurt (bound to be messy)

3. Chicken soup broth!!!
Go to your local coney island. Get a huge to go container of their chicken soup (mostly broth please)
Take it home, strain out all of the pieces that are not broth and pitch them.
Let said remaining broth cool. When cool skim off the nasty orangy grease layer on top. Do this slowly to get as much off as possible!!!
Heat up in 4 oz portions in a mug and enjoy.

This tastes MUCH better than any chicken broth I have bought yet.

The cream soups I have tried have all been okay... nothing note worthy though

Now for the BADDIES!!!

1. Vitamin World Unflavored Soy Protein Powder!!! YUCK!!!
This stuff tastes like potatoes to begin with. When added to ANYTHING it changes the consistency to that of mashed potatoes.

2. I have found that mixing above soy protein powder with jello ends very badly!!! You get a tri layer effect from this! The bottom, a thick gritty (potatoey) fruit flavored bottom layer, a not quite solidified middle layer, and a foamy, frothy, full of little soy powder chunky top layer.

It's just very bad. Don't attempt it!! :(

For an up side to the protein powder I have been recommended to try the following from a very trusted source:

Isopure Whey Protein Isolate - Unflavored


That will give those of you who are interested all the fun facts about this!! I will be picking up some soon (as pureed foods are only a week away!!!) I understand it should mix well with the applesauce and mashed potatoes I'm waiting for!!!

A few more tid-bits.

DO TAKE a half hour to eat your 4 ounces of yogurt!

You WILL HURT if you eat or drink too quickly! Not that this is end all be all pain, I mean you just had abdominal surgery... but it is very unpleasant!!

Get off your pain meds as soon as possible! Today is my first full day with no narcotic pain meds, it's glorious!! (Plus Lortab Elixir tastes nasty!!!) Tylenol only for me!

Okay, so I have 6 incisions, the largest being about 2 inches and on my right side. As all of you know (or should know) your stomach is on your left. What they do is move all of your organs around using this 2 inch incision on the right. They rip up the fascia that holds you all in place. This hurts most of all. None of my other incisions hurt. If anything they are itchy because they are healing... But not being able to get up with hurting on that right side is getting old fast!! I didn't even bruise badly (I put ARNICA around the incision sites once or twice a day <3).


Well that's it for me tonight... Thanks for tuning in!!

XO - Amanda

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