Sunday, June 12, 2011

Almost 2 years out.

In just over a month, I will be 2 years post-op. As of today I'm sitting at 219 pounds, and (mostly) in a size 14. For those of you who have read over my progress in the past, this means I've gained some of my weight back. This little relapse has been incredibly hard on me, but I know I have no one to blame but myself. So, this week I've started two things to get myself back on track and really stick to a plan. In my past posts I have promised myself my 170 pound goal, and have yet to achieve it. Now, not only will I be using Endomondo ( to be tracking my exercise, I will be using MyNetDiary ( to track my daily caloric intake versus my set plan. Both of these are applications that can be accessed via a mobile phone or the internet. I choose to use both.

Next, I'm going to provide a few progress photos, seeing as I've basically abandoned this for a year.



October 2010

December 2010

April 2011

June 2011

Looking over old photos, I know I've made considerable progress over the last two years. In my heart I know that it's not enough yet. I've become comfortable, and have stopped being aware of the food I'm putting in my body. It's time to regain control, and finally kick that last 50 pounds that is keeping my from my goal.

Per my plan in MyNetDiary, I would like to be at 170 pounds at the beginning of January 2012. The planned caloric intake is 1424 per day, resulting in approximately a 2 pound loss per week. If I stay within these guidelines, and add to it walking exercises... I think I can come pretty close to that.

In addition I'm listening to "Lose Weight with Andrew Johnson" ( another application for my phone that I listen to at night. He goes through the deep relaxation process (Which I already do and LOVE with my other guided meditation programs) but then focuses on not wanting fattening or sweet foods, and being happy with eating healthy and nutritional foods. It may really be a bunch of junk, but it's putting positive thoughts, and thoughts for breaking bad eating habits... for $2.99, I'll give it a try, in addition to my other programs.

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