Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Ect.

With all of the bad that has transpired this last week I can't really complain. Tons of celebrating!!! Thanksgiving, My Da's birthday, and a new job offer! So we've had tons of rich and delicious food, and many drinks.

With all of that, I've still lost a pound this week... sitting myself around a comfortable 65 pound weight loss since 7/20/09.

Below is what I've learned:

Must be extremely limited. It’s all calories, carbs, and sugar.
Not that I’m a beer drinker, but the lovely men of Icrontic (Rob, and Brian… that’s you <3) introduced me to a few beers that don’t make me retch immediately. I couldn’t finish 1/3 of a bottle… It’s heavy and carbonated…
Wine… I love my wine! Had a glass on Thanksgiving, and one last night for celebratory purposes… Was able to consume more wine than beer…
Liquor isn’t really my friend anymore  While expected this still makes me a little sad. My favorite drink is an Amaretto Sour. Simple and sweet. Prior to surgery I was able to drink 2-3 over the course of an evening and be fine… Now I can barely get through one without feeling it.

I’ve found that liquor has the biggest impact in the alcohol world… So if you’re drinking socially, stick to something you can sip throughout the evening.

Always stick to your protein first. It doesn’t matter how tempting the roll is, or Grandma’s homemade mashed potatoes…. Eat the turkey first! You will stuff your pouch full of carbs… and not have room for what your body really needs. You’re only able to take so much in now... choose wisely.

Thanksgiving was probably the best day of this weekend. There was turkey, small scoop of mashed potatoes, ½ a heat n’ serve roll, some sweet potato (cinnamon only) and my wine. Sure… again carb heavy on what got on my plate… but the turkey was eaten first… and nothing else on the plate got finished. And again… Didn’t over eat or feel sick.

Better yet. Didn’t have the urge to eat, eat, eat.

All in all I’ve feeling good about the way things are progressing.
I still look in the mirror and see the 311 pound me. But I’m finding that I’m more comfortable in social settings. And I feel people perceive and react to my differently than they use to.

Life is changing dramatically. Everyday I find that one challenge I faced isn’t as hard as it once was. Everyday always brings a new challenge though.

My latest is being defined by other by having Gastric Bypass. Difficult to explain, but I promise to touch more on this later.

XO- Amanda

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