Monday, November 2, 2009

250 Pounds!!!

Alrightly faithful followers!!! I know you're all clammering to know what's going on in my little journey...

Well lovies, today I stepped on the scale and saw it stop at 250 pounds.

250 POUNDS!!!

That's nearly 60 pounds gone in the 3 1/2 months since surgery!!!

As you can tell, I'm more than a little excited!

On another note:

I'm finally starting to feel normal again. My hair is falling out in handfuls :( It's a good thing I have thick dark hair.

But eating. Splitting up a meal right away when we eat out. It's feeling normal... eating what's on the plate... and stopping when I'm full.

I haven't been sick in weeks, and I'm very grateful.
I will tell anyone that the first few months were the hardest... It's discouraging and heartbreaking. Anyone who watched me in the first few months will attest to that. Steven, Mum, Da... they know. And to a degree I know it was heartbreaking for them (especially my Mum)

It gets easier.

I've lost almost 60 pounds... and I've only gone down one pant size... I could hardly believe it!!!! But my Aunt threw her arms around me for a hug the other night, and commented on how easily her arms went around my shoulders... It really hit me then... It's not the belly or thighs I'm loosing in (although I have no butt to begin with and that has shrunk.. :( ) It was a majority in my back that I lost.

It's where I really wanted to loose as well... My body is beginning to feel more proportionate to me now.

There have been so many changes in these few months... I can hardly stand the anticipation of what the next few months will bring.

It doesn't all fall off at one time... It's bit by bit... stay focused. :)

On a side note:
For Halloween we dressed up Friday at work... I wore a skirt for my costume... It was an old skirt, and I knew it was too big... but I thew on some hose, and my spanx anyway... While walking up to my building, I felt my skirt brushing my lower calf... I thought "I don't remember it being that long" Two seconds later it was around my ankles, and my arms are full... It ended up safety pinned to my tank top for the party the next day.

In short... don't under estimate a size or two too big. lol <3<3

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